Leadership Summit– A memorable day in States!

Being a part of leadership programs offered by University of Texas at Dallas, I got a chance to participate in one day event – Leadership Summit at Group Dynamix. It was an amazing experience.

After reaching to the venue, we were introduced to the team of group dynamix, surprisingly everyone one was known as’Francis’ there! Soon, We were divided in three groups and we all started playing different games- Name game, The archery game and many more. Games were very simple. But still we, as a team, needed to come up with strategies to perform best among all the teams. While working in a team I learnt few important things. First thing I learnt was important of team work. When you work in a group, everyone plays an important role.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” -Henry Ford.

Second thing I learnt was exchanging ideas. Transition of ideas are very important in a team work. Every problem has n number of solutions. Its just that you need to start sharing your ideas with others and you will achieve an optimized solution for every problem.

Other than this, I learnt one most important thing. You can’t be a good leader until your team trusts you. You are at your best when everyone trusts your action. And of course, you need to put your efforts to achieve that level of trust. But you are best only if your team is best. Ultimately its a group effort that helps you succeed in your domain.

The day ended with some adventurous activities. I am honored to be a part of event like this.


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