Getting Started With IntelliJ Idea..

As a part of my studies, I got chance to work on this Tool- IntelliJ Idea- The most Intelligent Java IDE. You can install IntelliJ IDEA community edition-an open source version of IntelliJ Idea- for Java, Groovy and other programming languages.

You can develope applications for desktop, web and mobile platforms with use of Java, Groovy, Scala, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, ActionScript, MXML, AIR, PHP, Python, Ruby, JRuby and many others. I just got started with ‘Hello-World’ project…

1) Create New Project.
2) Rename Project to ‘Hello-World’.
3) Enter the path where you want to store your Source Directory.
4) Click Finish.
5) You will see a screen something like this.

6) Click on src and select new package. Enter package name say – com.hw.samples
7) Click on package and create new java class – Hello
8) Write your code.
9) Left click on – Hello World and Click Run.
10) Now start experiments.

Useful link : Hello World

You can explore features of IntelliJ here.

Stay tuned.. Many things on this coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Getting Started With IntelliJ Idea..

  1. Good Work Rinu!!
    I also would suggest, while utilizing advanced and intelligent IDE, don’t forget the command line procedure and plain text programming, like coding in notepad or vim editor, manually setting up the class path , setting up environment variables and compiling the code, debugging the code etc…
    Though good work , eagerly waiting for new things on your Blog!!! Best Luck…

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