Online environments – Easy and Awesome!

Learning and experimenting new technologies/tools is essential to keep yourself updated. Every time I start learning new thing, I have to go through all that tedious task of downloading and installing software. While installing Oracle 11g, it took me more than a day to download, install and resolve those instance errors before could actually start my work. I just wished there was a quick solution that do not consume my time in installing software. And then I found this..!!

An easy solution to all those Oracle novice users who could not resolve the installation errors and wants to get started with actual learning work. Why you should use this?

1) No downloading / No installing process.
2) Saves lots of space of your machine.
3) You can get access to your work anywhere in the world,even if you don’t have your machine.
4) It offers all the features that a starter needs.
5) Its FREE!

Not only for Oracle 11g, you can find online environment for C , C++ , JAVA and many more. You want to learn a new language, Google online environment for XYZ, get your self registers and get started!

I have started loving this!!

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