Get a backup of your website on GitHub!

I recently learnt how to take back up of your website using GitHub. Just follow few steps and get your website content and database secured.

1) Download GitHub for windows from GitHub. Set up your username and password for using the services.

2) Create a new repository(e.g TestOne). You can see a tab on your home page once you are signed in.

3) Export your website content in xml file.

4) Make a folder on your computer (C:\Users\XYZ\TestOne) using the name repository name you used while creating new repository, in this case (TestOne).

5) Copy your xml file into your folder (TestOne).

6) Open Git Bash, you must see a screen like command prompt. And start writing commands.

7) $ cd TestOne. // get into the folder where xml file exist

8) $ git init. // Initialize git repository.

9) $ touch XML.xml // Acknowledges your file

10) $ git add XML.xml

11) $ git commit –m ‘XML file’ // It will create a readme file for your commit saying ‘xml file’

12) $git push origin master // sends your commit to master repository

13) You will be ask to give your username and password.

14) Refresh your account on Github. You must see XML.xml added to your repository.

15) And you’r done!!

Add-ons: Web Sites you may like to visit!

Git Magic
Easy Version Control with Git


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